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Every minute, a person dies of sudden cardiac arrest, and it happens most often in homes or public places. AEDs are rarely available at the house or place of living, where approximately 70% of SCAs occur. This raises the risk of losing a life on the spot. The C4Life ecosystem provides:

  • Guardian Angel
  • AED cabinet
  • Awareness serving unit
  • Training kiosk
  • 911 EMS Dispatch Dashboard
  • Pad Management Dashboard (for EMS Agencies)

ikeepr app


According to statistics, about 50,000 people die each year as a result of an opioid overdose. iKeepr is a mobile app that aims to assist those who have become unresponsive as a result of heavy substance abuse. It aims in saving the lives of those who were addicted to opioids. iKeepr app provides the following features to save lives smartly:

  • Crisis Timer
  • Life-saving Guide
  • Reach Out for Help
  • Resource Locator



According to research, RV ownership is at a record high with 11.2 million households owning an RV in 2021. Routica is one of our key products that allows user to have high-quality internet services while on the move. Routica’s on-the-go connectivity for RVs and MVs comprises dual network configuration wireless or over ethernet (WAN and Wi-Fi access point), trip sharing, and security alert features for all connected devices. It additionally allows for the safe and secure connecting of numerous home and guest devices without compromising the core systems’ performance.


csc single


The C-screener app is aimed to provide a more advanced and rapid symptom checklist to organizations that wish to keep track of their employees and whether or not they are infected by the ongoing virus. The app asks information on a person, including whether they are experiencing or exhibiting any of the symptoms, as well as a few inquiries about medical consultation, among other things. You have the option of sending the checklist straight to your employer or organization for inspection through email or text message once you have given the information.