Difference Between an Article and Blog – How to Write Content Like a Pro

For content writing, there is always a gap between understanding the difference between a blog and an article. While many think that they both are almost the same, there is quite a difference between them. If you are starting your career as a content writer, then understanding the difference between the two is vital.

What is a Blog?

To know the difference, let’s start with knowing what exactly a blog is. In blog writing, there are a few aspects that make it stand out from an article. First, when writing a blog, the tone is usually in an active voice. The purpose of writing a blog is to keep the reader engaged in the content. This ensures that a reader feels like someone is talking to them directly.

Usually, a content writer uses this tone when giving reviews about a certain product, service, or experience of any brand. It is more of an own opinion rather than general facts. Hence, there is no requirement to carry out research when creating blog content. This is the reason blogs are lesser in content as compared to articles. Likewise, no other editor is required to go through the content and change it under certain requirements. The writer themselves publish the blog on their platform.

Another aspect of blogs is that they mostly rank on certain SEO keywords that help in gaining rank on search engines. Depending on the goal, a content writer may either use short-tail or long-tail keywords.

Pro Tip: For any blog, use catchy images and share personal experiences to keep the reader engaged to give the overall blog a nice finish.

What is an Article?

In article writing, there are quite some interesting aspects. To start off, the content style of an article is normally passive voice. As a content writer, an article requires engaging the reader with detailed and relevant information. For this, it is important to start with proper research based on the article. Collecting facts, stats, and figures from genuine links is very important for article writing.

Therefore, articles are longer compared to blogs as they require massive information to be written in an article’s framework. The writing styles in articles are not casual, like in blogs. It is more sophisticated as it requires writing serious information. Hence, the need for choosing specific keywords is also not important.

Pro Tip: To create an attractive framework for an article, try adding bullet points to increase content length


To sum up, understanding the difference between an article and a blog as a content writer is a must. To have the best results for writing styles, identify first what your topic requires. Whether it should be a blog or an article format, it is all in the hands of the writer to differentiate and work accordingly.

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