Tips for Writing the Best Resume in 2022

There’s no denying that a strong resume can lead to amazing opportunities. Even if you already know how to write a resume, there are always fresh tricks to learn. So what are you waiting for? Read ahead to fetch some handy tips for students and professionals on how to write the best resume.

How To Write The Best Resume in 2022?

Writing a resume comes with its own set of guidelines. Though we may believe that making a resume is easy, much depends on the resume’s format and writing style.

According to statistics, recruiters spend an average of 5 to 7 seconds going over resumes. This means that you must include all of your accomplishments and qualifications in a specific order. Because the job market has become so competitive, you should have all of your top skills as well. Now, there are two categories: a general resume for students and a professional resume for employees.

For Students:

If you’re a student looking for part-time jobs or internships, then here are some interesting tips to keep in mind.

Tip # 01: Include your best skills

According to the job description, mention all of your relevant skills. If it’s an internship at an advertising agency and you’re applying for a marketing role, for example, list all of your marketing skills.

Tip # 02: Volunteering experience matters!

This section should include all volunteer work and activities, such as beach cleaning, charity drives, and attending social cause events, among others.

Tip # 03: Add Your Educational Background

Mention your most recent degree or certification in this section and save the oldest for last. This could only apply to your secondary education (high school, college, or university).

Tip # 04: Certifications Are a Must.

In this area, include your most recent degree or certification, and save the oldest for last. It’s better to mention your secondary schooling (high school, college, or university).

Tip # 05: Never Forget to Mention Your Hobbies and Interests

This part could include anything you do daily, such as watching TV shows, movies, playing sports, reading books, and even caring for pets.

For Professionals:

Tip # 01: Write a Professional Summary at The Beginning

When a recruiter looks over your resume, this is the first thing they notice. Make sure you develop an interesting statement to persuade the recruiter to read on. This could be about your current position or the time you’ve worked in this field. It could also be about what you want to achieve. If you’re a software engineer who is planning to write a statement in their resume, here’s how it should look:

A candidate with a strong interest in software programmes, strong interpersonal and analytical abilities, and a desire to apply technical knowledge to the company’s demands. I want to work with a diverse set of people and envision myself leading a team for a year in the organization.

Tip # 02: Maintain The Format of Your Resume

Start with the most recent or current employment and list your jobs in reverse chronological order. For a professional, the skills should come first, followed by certifications, work experience, education, and awards.

Tip # 03: Highlight Your Key Skills

Mention all the skills for the position you desire. If you’re seeking a job as a business analyst in the IT industry, for example, highlight all of your technical skills. This is something you should state directly after your professional summary. This enables the recruiter to assess your suitability for the position you’re applying for.

Tip # 05: Proofread and Always Keep on Upgrading Your Resume When Needed

The last piece of advice is to proofread and update your resume frequently. There’s a possibility you’ll make a minor error (minor grammatical and punctuation errors also count). If you’re applying to a variety of companies for different employment opportunities, make sure your resume is customized to each one.

To sum up, you should now have these tips at your fingertips. Follow these guidelines and create a fantastic resume to amaze all recruiters.

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