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How do blockchain ideas tie into the evolution of our current internet and what is meant for you as a user but before that let’s have a brief summary about Web 2.0 and Web 1.0  

Web 1.0 

An initial overview of what the internet was, between the years of 1991 – 2004 the internet is mostly a bunch of static pages means whatever webmaster have loaded on them they just show that stuff and that it is, some also called it Read-Only, No one is allowed to make any change in the script.

1)- Login pages

2)- Interactive post

3)- Viewing Analytics

Most of the internet wasn’t even profitable by ads, it was mostly like one big Wikipedia all hyperlink together but with time we slowly made improvements and things like flash and JavaScript added many different features and during this time the user of the internet become a consumer and they went into the internet to consume the information.  

Web 2.0  

The term Web 2.0 was introduced by Darcy DiNucci in 1999, it is a dynamic and interactive website and most of the websites in today’s world is 2.0 means now user can post, comment, rate, and that were considered a revolutionary change in that time. 

So from 2004 till now during this time web evolved a lot and one of the biggest changes was the interactivity of the internet means the user is not only getting information from the websites but web pages are also extracting user’s data while using Facebook, YouTube, or performed any search on google the centralized company starts collecting data about the user so that they can serve better content which in return make the user stay on their website but eventually they realized they could package up all the data they had collected on and sell it to advertisers. Web 2.0 is an age of targeted advertising and lack of privacy for users but willingly users give up their privacy for interactive apps like Facebook, Youtube, etc, and data is centralized. 

Web 3.0  

It is utilizing blockchain technology and the tools of decentralization. The major element of Web 3.0 is based on Decentralization. Blockchain technology will give power to this decentralization technology in the same way it is giving to cryptocurrency. In blockchain technology data is not at one location or one server but it is on several networks.  

Till now we heard of .net , .org , .com . .co etc but NFT domain are different i.e .Wallet  .bitcoin  .X .888  

NFT domains can only be purchased from blockchain on a one-time purchase plan and these domains can also be used for other purposes e.g :

All the records saved on blockchain and the website of NFT domains will be hosted on the entire network and managed by one system named IPFS ( Interplanetary File System ).

Cons of Web 3.0 

1. Serverless Hosting  

 Data is on the entire network not on one server. 

2. Security 

Data cannot be hacked easily as if data is encrypted at one system then the IPFS system can detect it from another system.

3. Privacy  

Data is highly secure and protected. 

4. Semantics 

It just not only belongs to keywords but entities that are more close to the real world. 

You can now purchase NFT domains from  Unstoppableble domains.com  
So the future is already here, Web 3.0 is not coming but it is already here.

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