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According to the world-o-meter live statistics, there are more than 194 million active cases around the globe as of now.


C-Screener is an app that helps in detecting if the person has viral symptoms or not. There are some people who don’t even know they’re carrying the virus and are moving around freely. This is where the major problem arises as many people are either employed at different corporate/government organizations or working at various educational institutes, etc.

How C-Screener App Plays A Role For Virus Detection?

If we specifically talk about employees who are non-remote workers and go to their offices for work, they are at a major risk of contracting or spreading the virus to their colleagues. To make things easier and safer for organizations, mobile applications, like C-screener have been designed to keep everyone updated on their current health status and to keep the organizations informed of their employees whether it’s safe for them to come to the office or to work from home. C-screener app is designed to enable a more advanced and quick provision of a symptoms checklist to those organizations that want to keep a record of their employee and whether they are affected by the ongoing virus or not. The app requires information about a person and whether they’re having or showing any of the symptoms and a few questions regarding medical consultation, etc. Once you have provided the information, you have the option of sending the checklist directly to your employer or organization for reviewing via email or text message.

The Ministry of Health Screening Guidance:

As per the Ontario Ministry of Health screening guidance, we have strictly followed the policies on following the active screening procedure along with clarifying the purpose of using the C-screener checklist. If you would like to know more, then click here.

How is This App Beneficial to its Users and Program Administrators?

If we talk about the benefits of the C-screener app, then there are quite some advantages that you may find useful if you’re an employee who wants to send a checklist to the organization.

The benefits are:

  1. a daily checklist of the virus symptoms
  2. contact information and checklist answers can be submitted via email or SMS
  3. all information recorded is date and time stamped
  4. provide contact tracing information in the event someone tested positive in a workplace/facility you are frequenting
  5. emailed information also includes the information in a PDF attachment for ease of record management
  6. easily setup to handle multiple workplaces/facilities
  7. easily setup to handle regular groups of individuals that do not have the ability to use the mobile App themselves

To sum up, the C-Screener app has made the lives of employees much easier and more convenient. Those who are constantly working shifts in the office and have to provide a frequent checklist for active symptoms to the organizations can download this app on their smartphones from the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) at any time you like. For more information about this app, visit www.ositech.com/C-Screener, and don’t forget to provide your valuable feedback.

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