09 Software Development Trends to Follow in 2022

In 2020, the worldwide software development industry was estimated to be worth $389.86 billion”.

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Since the epidemic, the software development industry has built a solid reputation for itself. All thanks to the businesses and organizations that conduct their operations online.

Most software development trends have remained consistent, but there are a few notable trends to watch in 2022. If you’re considering a career in software development, you should know the following trends.

Python Software is on the rise

A developer initially learns python to enhance their knowledge in web and app development, data visualization, data analysis, task automation, etc. It’s one of the trending development tools that you must get your hands on right away.

Python mostly allows users to create modern solutions for all complex analyses and procedures.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is sometimes commonly joined with cloud computing and connected data in order to alter software development.

Many firms utilize IoT software platforms to manage networks of devices and sensors that convey real-time data around supply chains, production floors, security systems, and other areas.

New standards and rules for coding

Whether you develop for the web, the backend, the frontend, or mobile, there are new programming languages nearly everywhere these days. Some of these emerging programming languages are worth exploring.

Put a premium on cybersecurity

Businesses will place a greater emphasis on the modernization of their systems, apps, and technological stack, as well as frequent cybersecurity audits.

According to a study conducted by knowbe4 in 2021, a quarter of their employees believe that clicking on malicious links is not a serious situation. Therefore cybersecurity is becoming more prevalent. Employees frequently use work laptops for personal use which leads to more chances of threats or attacks on office systems.

Improved user experiences using artificial intelligence

Ever since the pandemic, we have seen a rapid increase in using AI technology. According to research, by 2023, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) will have grown to $97.9 billion.

One of the key trends to happen in 2022 is that AI will be seen collaborating more with cloud resources. Artificial intelligence will make it easy to monitor and manage cloud resources and a large amount of data available.

Strict software quality criteria

ISO certification is becoming a requirement for all businesses. Being ISO certified comes with several benefits. All processes relating to software quality standards will be more efficient.

The term “JavaScript” is still in the news

JavaScript is an ideal language for creating cutting-edge software development solutions. The most appealing aspect of javascript is that it allows frontend and backend developers to collaborate easily. This is primarily for server-side compatibility with applicants and clients.

Apps and Frameworks for Cloud-Native Computing

This trend should be explored if you want to improve the efficiency and robustness of cloud-native applications. In 2022, cloud-native computing is expected to increase substantially. Therefore it is one of this year’s top software development trends.

Low-code development

Research says that all throughout 2022, low-code application platforms (LCAP) are predicted to be the most popular low-code development technology.

Although expert software developers employ low-code development to increase efficiency, the best part about it is that it requires very little coding skills. Therefore it is expected to be a big trending topic this year.


In the year 2022, many new trends in software development will emerge. These are some of the most important trends to monitor.

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