Fintech Pakistan – 6 Companies Making a Name For Themselves in This Industry

Fintech Pakistan is currently the talk of the town. Many businesses are now incorporating the digital payment concept, which will be the future of finance in the coming years. If we’re talking about companies that are making a name for themselves under the umbrella of Fintech Pakistan, here are a few names to look into.

The Key Players in Fintech Pakistan:


NayaPay provides some unique and intriguing features. If you travel frequently, the Nayapay debit card should be your go-to payment option for any type of transaction. The second factor is that there are no fees associated with using debit card services. This includes transfers to family or friends, online purchases, debit card fees, and so on. In terms of payments, the overall experience of using NayaPay is completely hassle-free, quick, and efficient. They set out to become the leaders of the Pakistani economy and to rise to the top of the Fintech Pakistan category. With NayaPay you get:

  1. Debit card acceptance all over the world
  2. No hidden fees
  3. While transferring funds, you can chat with relatives and friends
  4. When you’re out, let NayaPay split the bill for all you and your friends


SadaPay is best for freelancers who face problems when receiving their payments because of the limited options available. They provide a gateway to transferring and receiving payments on time without having to worry about safety. Likewise, they’re aiming to provide the best financial service in Pakistan by promoting a digital payment ecosystem. They recently collaborated with the Bank of Punjab to create ease in safe transfers, both domestically and internationally. SadaPay offers:

  1. Global Shopping
  2. Real-time Updates
  3. Foreign Exchange Rate


QisstPay is one of the fastest-growing startups in Pakistan, and it is quickly rising to the top of the Fintech Pakistan rankings. They offer a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option. You can make as many online purchases as you like and pay later in installments. There is an option of availing of 4 or 6 monthly installments process in which you can track your remaining payment via mobile app. Another benefit is that it’s an interest-free procedure and no other deduction of charges when making transactions. The following are the features that QisstPay offers:

  1. Buy now pay later
  2. Digital Wallets
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Pay full amount on the doorstep
  5. Debit/Credit cards


Keenu is an excellent choice for online shoppers and foodies who regularly place orders. They are one of the lead companies that come under the Fintech Pakistan category. With over 7000+ retailers on board, they deliver outstanding reward offers. It’s safe, and it sends money fast to wherever you need to. They offer:

  1. Paying bills
  2. Mobile top-ups
  3. Request/share money
  4. Inviting friends
  5. Online shopping


Abhi is introducing a completely new way to access your salary on the spot and anytime you need it. You can get quick access to your money, whether it’s for an online purchasing transaction or a food delivery. You don’t have to wait till the end of the month to get paid, since Abhi gives you a payday experience every day. They provide:

  1. One flat rate
  2. Shariah compliancy
  3. Access whenever you need it
  4. Unlimited transactions
  5. No unexpected expenses
  6. Getting back what you earned


Finja aims to provide ease in digital transactions for businesses, especially karyana shops or general stores. Since everything will be entirely digital in the upcoming years, Finja ensures that all financial movements are happening safely in banks, FIs, and merchants. Finja provides:

  1. Leading Ecosystem
  2. Integrated Financial Services
  3. Multi-bank Partnerships
  4. Mobile top-ups
  5. Bill payments
  6. Funds transfer

The Future of Fintech Pakistan

Many startups are aiming to grow under the umbrella of Fintech Pakistan. In the coming years, Pakistan will become one of the leading economies in digital payments.

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